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New Website, Who Dis

I migrated the website

Did you know that Squarespace charges like $160 a year for website building whatever? And also something like $20 a year to “manage” your domain? All of those podcast ads are all basically lies. Shame really.

So first, I moved the domain over to Google Domains which is cheaper. Something like $7 a year! And apparently GitHub will serve a repository of your making as a website! Cool! All I need to do is build a website. How hard could it be.

It’s hard. As it turns out, web design is hard and Squarespace clearly exists for a reason. Building a website is hard[citation needed] without fun drag and drop tools. I briefly tried Webflow but it’s also not super easy to use if you don’t have adobe something or other experience or are currently a UX designer. It certainly seems pretty powerful but really I just can’t be bothered to learn it and it clearly is much more powerful than what I would need to make a blog.

Thankfully[citation needed] GitHub pages has just the thing for fancy computer people if what you want is a blog! Jekyll!

So first off, I had to install Ruby for some reason. And obviously, this presented all sorts of stupid stupid problems because of Apple Silicon I guess? Who knows. But it took way longer than their tutorial suggested, possibly because I am an idiot.

It’s actually pretty cool. There are just a handful of config files to putz around with and it’ll auto-generate HTML and CSS or whatever whie playing nice with GitHub pages. It was originally made for blogs so they make it quite easy. You just write your blog posts in markdown and push it to GitHub and that’s it! Pretty cool. Then I watched a bunch of Youtube videos on how to set one up and have a pretty theme and what not.

So I guess what you’re seeing is the result of all that.

My favorite part of tech stuff like GitHub Pages and Jekyll is seeing how super powerful (take a look at these templates you can use!) they are but also how complicated it is to even set it up. Clearly, both of these tools are meant for people who actually know what they’re doing. The fact that they’re free is awesome! But Squarespace makes the big bucks for a reason. It’s actually not that easy!

I’ll be porting over the remainder of my posts from Squarespace (all 3 of them!) eventually. I guess.

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